Velofollies 2018

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INFO – Pre-registrations road races 2017 The pre-registrations for the road races start on February 7th at 9:00. You can already create your account on My Cycling Vlaanderen.

To improve rider safety and security, Cycling Vlaanderen and the Belgian cycling federation decided to limit the number of riders in a lot of races. In order to avoid riders to come to the race without being able to start because of the maximum number of riders being achieved, we’ll introduce a pre-registration system.

Online pre-registrations start on Tuesday morning (9:00 AM). More info:

How does it work?

1. For riders with a license from the Flemish federation Cycling Vlaanderen or the national federation KBWB: create your account on . You can find your ‘barcode’ on your license. Please check the emailaddress mentioned in step 2. A link will be sent to this emailaddress in order to confirm your registration. If the emailaddress is not correct, you can contact before proceeding the registration process. First your emailaddress needs to be updated!

If you don’t have a license yet, apply for one first! With the barcode of the license, you can create an account and pre-register. Without a valid license, you can’t register in a valid way!

Riders with a foreign license or a license of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, can register on THIS REGISTRATION LINK IS ONLY FOR RIDERS WITH A FOREIGN LICENSE!!

Members of Cycling Vlaanderen or KBWB registering through this link, can’t register for the races in a valid way because the pre-registrations must be linked with the right barcode!

2. Once your account has been created, you’ll receive an email with a link to activate your account. Click on the link!

3. You can login through Once logged in, you see a navigation menu at the left side of the screen mentioning the option : ‘Mijn Profiel > Mijn Rennersprofiel’. This page shows you your profile information.

Foreign riders can update the information by clicking on the yellow button ‘Update information’ at the bottom of the page. For the pre-registrations starting February 7th, click on ‘Mijn Profiel’ > ‘Mijn wedstrijden’. More info:

Questions or remarks? Please contact

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